Sunday, April 3, 2011

My latest obsession

Not so long ago, I went shopping with Meldra and she showed me this water called Active O2. At first, I wasn't sure if I wanted it, but she told me that I would probaply like it. So I bought the ''Iced berry'' one. Now, I'm obsessed. I have tried all the different flavours(except the sports, because they're fizzy and not so nice). My list of favorites is:

I've got 9 in total.

3 Iced berry.
3 Peach white tea.
2 Apple kiwi.
1 Orange lemon.

I don't have a cherry one, but I've tried it and it was disgusting.

I'm sorry for the lame blogging lately, I don't have my camera and I'm at my dad's place.

x Alice x


Nats said...

haha I chuckled at this cause last night my sister's boyfriend had one of those and was telling her the whole time she should taste it. I adore flavoured water and I think my fave up til now is Delhaize's own brand orange flavoured water, it's lovely :) x

Mellynator said...

wow..... I didnt know you would go that far!!!!!!! XD

Alice said...

Haha, I keep all my bottles. I don't know why (: x