Saturday, October 8, 2011


Mascara from mum and other things from Hedda. 
My birthdaycake. 
All the things I got. 

Three pictures I got from my mum and step dad. They are taken by John French 1962. 
Juicy Couture top from mum and step dad. 
Juicy Couture jumper from mum and step dad. 
Michael Kors wallet from mum and step dad. 
Inside of wallet. 
Magazine holder from my grand father. 

As some of you may know, my parents are divorced and therefore I celebrate my birthday at two places, since my grandfather is visiting, we celebrated it today and I'll celebrate my birthday on the actual day with my father in one week.



Essiefashion said...

Wat een leuke kado's!!
Nog een fijne avond!!

Anonymous said...

great photos, your birthday cake looks delicious and the wallet is beautiful. i'm now following your blog, i'd love it if you could check out mine in return :-) xx

Miss Rando said...

awesome pictures! I love the first one ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice picture and I love your new wallet. Happy Birthday!

Anaïs said...

The cake looks delicious ! I'm hungry !