Sunday, September 4, 2011

Colours of Crete

The sky. 
Hedda on a see-saw thing. 
Hedda, Uma and I. 
Agios Pavlos, Sleeping dragon.

As some of you may know, I went to Greece for three weeks and I stayed at a place called ''Yoga Plus'', people from all over the world go there to do yoga, mostly adults. I would say it's like a summer camp for adults.There were a few kids there too, though. I made a few friends one of them called Uma who is from Paris. I tried out yoga a few times, but it wasn't really ''my thing''. I'd love to go there more times, this is the second time I've been there.



Joan said...

oh it really looks like a sleeping dragon!

il était une fois... said...

so beautiful!! wish i was there ;) x

Essiefashion said...

Really nice :D

Anonymous said...

Go to fromspring!

uma said...

gud vilka fina bilder, längtar tills vi ses igen!