Thursday, March 17, 2011

Perfume review

Avril Lavigne-Black Star

This is Avril Lavigne's first perfume called ''Black Star''. I got it a few years ago and I really like it. I, personally don't think it's suitable for school, but I suppose it depends on the person. I really like the box and the bottle. With the bottle you got a studded ring, which unfortunately was too big for me.

Design: 9
Smell: 7

All together: 8

Escada-Taj Sunset

This is the last perfume I bought. It was released not so long ago and I absolutely love it. It smells kinda tropical and exotic. Kind of like a pineapple to be honest. The bottle isn't that pretty to be honest. I find it kind of boring. It was pretty expensive, but I think it was totally worth the money. I think it is suitable for school.

Design: 7
Smell: 10

All together: 8,5


This is a perfume I got some year ago. I think it smells very strongly so I wouldn't recommend it for school. I actually have no idea where it's from, I got it as a present. On the bottle or the box it has no name or anything so I can't tell you, sadly. The box is pretty cute and the bottle, but they could've made it a bit more fun.

Design: 7
Smell: 7

All together: 7

DKNY-Be Delicious

This is one of Donna Karan's perfumes and I got it from my mum and it's really nice. I think it was a very pretty bottle, unfortunately I don't have the box, but I thought it was pretty boring. The smell is nice and I think it might be suitable for school. 

Design: 8
Smell: 8

All together: 8


This is a perfume that I got from Pimkie for a very reasonable price. I think the smell is nice and sugary, but it doesn't stay on for that long. So, it's not the best of qualities. The bottle is pretty simple, but still pretty. It's suitable for school, but I wouldn't recommend this perfume if you're looking for top quality things.

Design: 7
Smell: 7

All together: 7

I hope you enjoyed reading that review. If you want me to do more reviews on thing, please do comment, because It's so fun.

x Alice x


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