Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 - A picture of the last item you purchased.

Pull & Bear
 H & M
 H & M
 H & M
H & M

So, this is what I bought this weekend. I was in Belgium to meet my friend who I haven't met in ages. We had lots of fun and I slept over at her place and met her supercute little brother. His name is Theo and he's like 2.

 I'm starting to feel better so I'll maybe go to school tomorrow and have my french test!!! I suck at the things we're doing for the moment. I have to ask Emma for further information about it. I also have to do my english but I don't understand anything about the exercise.

x Alice x


steffi elina said...

thank you for the birthday wishes :)<3

Anonymous said...

yes, gina tricot rocks :) x

Anna G said...

I love the black skirt! I have been looking every where for one. :D